Noorderpark Pavillion

Reuse, 2 pavilions and public space
Pavilijoen en openbare ruimte
Amsterdam North, Netherlands
Client: Amsterdam North City
Completion date: 2010
Contractor: Staartjes
Constructor: Gerald Lindner
Surface area: 2x 1000 m2
Credits: Sophie Valla

With the arrival of the new subway line in Amsterdam North, the existing highway dropped seven meters below the park level. Today, the two former BP stations seem to float seven meters alongside the new road. The municipality has decided to develop large green areas and create the Noorderpark. All areas are now connected by bridges. Within the park on either side of the highway the two BP stations get a new role. Commissioned by the City of Amsterdam North, we developed a vision for the reuse of the former BP buildings as well as the public spaces. The new pavilions provide public platform for the cultural activities in the Noorderpark.

Noorderpark Pavilion