Second Skin
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Cap detail
Maijenplein lamps

Second Skin

Public lighting
Jan Maijenplein, Amsterdam
Client: De Key en Arnoud Hekkens
Project date: eerste prijs, prijsvraag 2011
Completion date: 2012
Advisor: Light International
Supplier: C&W Snijtechniek BV
Credits: Sophie Valla architects in samenwerking met Jaap Elzas
Team: Jaap Elzas, Sophie Valla and Ivo Jelinek

The public square opposite to Jan Maijenstraat is surrounded by a school, a church and housing blocks with fine ornamentation from the famous 'Amsterdam School' style.

To place the focus on those qualities, fixtures punctually illuminate the curving walls at the entrances of the school, while the church's stained glass were illuminated from inside, revealing their design from outside.

For the street light, new lamp shades are added on top of the existing lamppost, a 'second skin'. They reduce the impact of the light beams on the apartments window, while providing a nicer ambient light for the square. The moire pattern, cut out in metal cylinder for the new fixtures has a subtle resemblance with the details of the existing architecture.

Maijenplein Pattern Lines