movement and decor
Lyon light festival
light installation

Street score

Light and sound installation
Fete des lumieres, Light Festival in Lyon
Location: Passage Thiaffait, Lyon
Event: December 2013
Client: City of Lyon
Project leader: Sophie valla
Team: Susheela Sankaram and Leonard Roussel 
Light advisor: Arup Amsterdam
Sponsors: Nederlands Ambassade in Lyon, Schroder

In between the spectacular and colorful light projections at the renowned Fete des lumieres, the installation Street Score took a different approach. Our team combined their inspiration with musical notation and with Lyon's history of early cinema and silk-weaving to create a series of perforated textiles, suspended above Lyon's Passage Thiaffait, continuously turning on motors. The light projected through the textiles both illuminated the panels and created an unexpected and subtle animation on the ground. The mediative quality of the slowly turning textiles and ambient self-generating sounds gave a mesmerizing quality to the street, inviting the visitors, shoppers and passers-by to slow down, look and listen.

light festival