zuidas public space
zuidas de boog
temporary architecture
Glashouse construction
sustainable architecture
glasshouse public space


Competition: second prize, to be realized
Zuidas, South Axis, Amsterdam
Design: June 2011
Gross floor area: 2000 m2
Project Architect: Sophie Valla
Team: Ivo Jelinek and Danny van Kessel
Retail Advisor: Herman van Wissen

The project ZuidPlaza was developed according to the objectives of the City of Amsterdam, Zuidas. The specific combination of functions and inner public space will would provide a great attraction and bring animation to Zuidas, business area. For this temporary project (10 years) we propose a cluster of books, music, new media, as well as night events under one roof.

The building for ZuidPlaza consists of a greenhouse construction as first skin, and modular prefabricated constructions for the shops. The open ground floor provide a unique plaza. The chosen constructive systems are very competitive in price for 1500 m2 of retail space and 500 m2 terrace.
The flexible building can be assembled and dismantled. It is transportable and can after 10 years be moved to another location or be completely recycled.